New JUMP bike features 4G, phone mount, cable lock and more

JUMP is one of the two companies piloting a dockless bike share system on the North Shore of Staten Island. (Staten Island Advance/Erik Bascome)

In late May, JUMP replaced the 200 dockless e-bikes the company is currently piloting on Staten Island with its latest model that has various new features, including a built-in phone mount, 4G connectivity and a cable lock.

The new bike features a redesigned front dashboard underneath the handlebars that replaces the keypad dashboard located on top of the back tire on older models.

Users can scan a QR code to unlock the bike, contact customer support and put the bike on hold using the redesigned dashboard.

Built into the redesigned front dashboard is a phone mount, allowing riders to use the GPS on their phones hands-free while riding.

Design with a purpose. Our phone mount makes exploring your city a lot easier. Be sure to set your navigation settings to bike mode.

Post time: Jun-28-2019